About this section of the blog

ようこそ, 환영,歡迎, and welcome!

Hello all! For the year of 2016, Sam and I decided that we should make the most of our location (Tokyo, Japan) because we might be leaving spring 2017. Of course, no one knows the future, so it could be that we stay longer, but, in any case, we wanted to explore some of our nearby countries to get a taste of a not-so-Japanese Asia since we had never ventured out there.

Our first trip was this past week, when we went to Seoul, South Korea. We had a lovely time and recommend it to you all.

Next week we’ll be going to Hong Kong! Also, we’re hoping to go to Thailand this winter. We’ll see how it all works out.

Anyway, because we just had too much to photograph, we set up this secondary blog (our primary blog being here) so we would have the space to show all of our (admittedly iPhone 4s, so not the greatest quality) photos and videos!

Thanks for reading and sorry for the confusion.